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On 5/1/22 about 10:57pm I ordered an Uber fr 355 E 116st to 1 William st in NJ whr I Uber to often. Waited outside with my app open the min counted dwn never said my car arrived.

Next on my screen I saw as if I were picked Heading to William st . I tried to contact the driver via text! Next thing I saw my trip completed n I was dropped off on 125thst, meanwhile I was still in front of 355 E 116thst. I was charged for the ride to Jersey and for the ride to 125th.

The ride to 125th was refunded the trip to NJ needs to be refunded as well 1st pick shows I ordered the Uber 2nd pic shows tht I left 116th st n went to William st at 11:25 pm after the Uber ordered never came the third pic is the driver tht was supposed to pick me up n take me to NJ the last pic shows yall charged me to go to NJ and the trip tht was took to 125th

So once again the trip I booked was to Nj I was charged she never came then I was charged for a trip from my location to 125th tht I never took. Tht was refunded I need to be refunded for the charge to NJ!

Check the original trip tht was booked n check her messages pls ! Thank you

A customer tht spends money on Uber

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: New York, New York

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