My cell phone, which had Uber and Uber Eats downloaded on it, was smashed beyond repair at work. I did not have anything backed up in the cloud.

I got a new phone (same #) and I have downloaded the Uber apps on my new phone and tried to get set up. Because I did not write down my passwaord to my account ever, I went through all ways through the app to reset my password. I entered my cell, I entered my email address, I entered the first 6 numbers of my CC on file. I received the passcode needed from my text message, but every time I tried to retrieve a code from my email that was sent, there was never an email or code to use.

I pay monthly the $9.99 for the plan to get free delivery and my account is still active, but I cannot use it. Can someone please help me!! I can verify my identity, I can give my last two Uber ride purchases and my last two Uber Eat purchases. I would even be fine with getting my account deleted and setting up a new one.

I just need help. I have since downloaded Door Dash because I cannot use Uber.

Please help me!! I love Uber!!

User's recommendation: Give up and have your credit card company put a stop to their charges. I have tried 30 plus times to contact them via their system. I cannot login therefore I don’t exist. However, they continue to take my $9.99 a month for the eats pass. My credit card company helped. Uber does not have anyway for me to speak with anyone and no response from trying to reach them through their system. I don’t like Uber anymore and am feeling disenfranchised!!

Location: San Ramon, California

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