Hi I made a reservation 24 + hours in advance for a pickup in LIC Queens at 4:30 am to LGA airport and the driver called me at 4:16am to tell me that they are in Manhattan and that they didnt realize that I live in Queens and I should cancel and put in a request for another car. I live just over the bridge in LIC Queens.

I told them that they needed to cancel because I would be charged for canceling. I then found a car on Lyft and as I was driving to the airport I could see that an Uber was on their way to my apartment and I called them to make sure they werent coming and the guy barely spoke English so I was not sure he understood what I told him.

I was charged under a dollar for the cancellation (as far as I can tell). It was quite stressful for a first time user and I dont know how to prevent that from happening next time I need a lift so Im not sure how to use it again.

Location: Leesburg, Florida

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