Dear Sirs. Not sure if this is the right e-mail.

I am writing to try to get help for my daughter who works as a health care worker in a nursing home in Ocean City NJ. She has to work doubles from time to time 1-2 per week. She is a nursing assistant who makes 15 per hour. With her bills and divorced mom with no alimoney who needs to work doubles to barley eat.

She has had 2 car accidents because of driving tired after working 2 doubles in a row.

With Covid way to many shifts and had covid herself.

If someone could donate rides for the days that she works doubles it would mean the world to her and me.

Right now her car is in shop from last accident. $1,000 deductible.

With no extra money to pay it. This can't go on this way.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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