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I ordered a ride to Burbank airport last night. Absurd the cost would be $99-$109.

This morning they confirmed the ride for a pick up at 5:30 AM. At 5:26 AM I get another email saying they are charging me three times the price they quoted almost 300 bucks. When I receive the tax Im standing on my curb waiting for the car. Having no other option I hit except only to find out the car is still sitting about 18 miles away in Simi Valley.

At this point hes running so late I have to get a ride and meet him halfway to make it to the airport on time. Have a never had a serious issue with Uber I then reached out looking for a contact phone number to arrange a refund or at least a partial credit.

SURPRISE. How in the flying *** can you not speak to an account rep ?????????

User's recommendation: Stop using them.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Uber Pros: Friendly drivers, Are convenient way to get around.

Uber Cons: Need to talk to live person, Cant get help.

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"Having no other option" You had an option. You could have missed your flight.

You chose not to and now want a refund? Compare this to a meal, it comes to the table, they tell you it's $300.00. You think you're "starving" and believe you have no choice but to eat the meal.. Do you really believe you should get the money back or at least a credit when you were told how much it would cost?

To say you were held hostage is stupid. Hostages DO NOT have a choice.

YOU DID... Time to act like REAL man or woman and live with your choice.

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