No one from your team helped me. They kept giving me the runaround.

one person told me to email from a different email address so I did. They told me to send them a screen shot of my phone number and I did. I kept explaining repeatedly that someone attempted to *** into my account because I received various codes at my email address revelaytons@***.com. whoever hacked in my account must have changed my phone number.

Or maybe they created an account with my email address I don't know. It's been a long time since I've logged on to my Uber account. I've never used Uber for rides. At one time I considered being a driver.

I've had different phone numbers because I lived in different states.

I kept customer service my phone numbers and other information and they kept giving me Pat answers. I'm concerned that someone is using my information you would think that someone at your company would want to help me, but instead they're helping the hacker continue to use my account.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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