Girlfriend left phone in car. She tried to log in to her account to talk to someone but guess what?

You have to have a code from your phone text to sign in! I couldnt do it from my phone because I have to pick a specific trip and all this other nonsense. The 5 numbers I found online for Uber customer service were useless. Thankfully another passenger found the phone and we were able to retrieve it.

No thanks to Uber. Love the service- shouldnt be this hard bc Im sure this happens all the time

User's recommendation: She learned her lesson yall. Don’t do it.

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You are right this happens all the time. People leave items behind and expect the driver to help them at their time rather than when he or she has free time. They blame the driver when they are at fault


Also I do not think that she learned her lesson at all. Or if she did she learned the wrong lesson.

Did she learn to be more careful with her belongings?

Did she learn to take responsibility for her actions? No, so she has not learned anything but to pass on blame to someone else.


Why blame Uber, why not blame your girlfriend. The Uber driver has a job to do and is not responsible for items that children leave behind carelessly.

He or she has to make a living by picking up other passengers. He or she cannot just drop what they are doing and give return the phone to your girlfriend. If your girlfriend were more careful with her phone it would not be this hard.

Was your girlfriend willing to pay him for his gas that he used to return the phone? Was she willing to pay for the fare that he or she missed out on because he or she had to return your careless girlfriend the phone that SHE left behind?

@Lavanya Pfb

Exactly, the girlfriend left the phone behind. He should not have to go out of his way to return her phone.

Especially since it will cost him money. With the boyfriend's attitude I doubt the girlfriend would pay him for his inconvenience, lost gas and customers.

@Kairon Pof

I do not think this either. There are a lot of these careless people who leave things behind.

Then they expect the Uber driver to go out of their way to return their forgotten items. They do not realize that this will cost the driver gas money to return the item that they carelessly left behind and that they lose out on earning money by taking another job. Unless the girlfriend offers to pay for his gas and other expenses such as the fare he would get for another customer, he should not have to go out of his way to return something that she left behind. He should not lose out or pay extra gas money for something she left behind.

Thankfully the other passenger helped.

The girlfriend should have waited for him to not be busy, and then asked him to return the phone. Since she made the mistake she should have offered to pay for his gas to return the phone.

@Kairon Pof

She should also apologize for her mistake and thank him. Bet she won't do that.

@Kairon Pof

It is also possible he was driving and could not answer the phone. There are a lot of adults here who act like toddlers.

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