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Since yesterday, Uber has tried multiple times to charge me $9.99. I don't have an Uber account, a subscription, or any dealings in any way with anything even vaguely related to Uber.

I used to ride with them, but that was a long time ago and there were no outstanding balances or charges to be made to me. I made very sure of that, specifically to avoid THIS issue. I have a new bank, a new cashapp, a new debit card, everything. My use and subscription to Uber ended MONTHS (perhaps even longer) BEFORE I did any of this.

I haven't incurred any charges from Uber what so ever, and took great care to ENSURE that. Despite this, Uber started charging my cashapp account $9.99 multiple times yesterday. There is no way they would have this information and no reason to charge me in the first place. I have done absolutely nothing to cause these charges.

It's actually IMPOSSIBLE to charge me for anything Uber related unless it was just straight up FRAUD. Customer service is completely useless and almost impossible to get ahold of in the first place.

When I did get someone on the phone, it was someone from India that did nothing other than "send an email" to "customer support". Criminals.

User's recommendation: Don't use Uber. Ever.

Preferred solution: I would like them to STOP MAKING FRAUDULENT CHARGES TO ME..

Uber Cons: Overcharges, Uber support deliberately delays and makes handling difficult, No support, Ghosts customers, Never again.

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