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The driver put us out his car because I panicked because I forgot my bag. He took my anxiety out of context and made it appeared that I was in violation of Uber policy.

He stated he felt threatened, he said I I made him feel anxious and he said I was eating which was the 3rd problem he had with me. I was eating gummy bears).. regardless he was thinking of every excuse to put me out the car. This will be reported to the better business bureau.

Especially since he said best of luck I know getting to the airport because he knew we were in a jam. Please consider who you hire and hopefully they have compassion as people make mistakes as I explained my work computer was very valuable but that did not mean anything to him.

User's recommendation: There could of be.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Uber Cons: No uber support after a share ride, Impossible to contact zero customer service, I got hacked.

Location: Gilbert, Arizona

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"He took my anxiety out of context" Translation: I flipped out. I'm selfish and think people should have "compassion" and understand MY issues and nonsense as if they're my friends.

I think I fixed it for you. Listen, I can tell you left a lot out.

Your comment is all over the place and shows you were too volatile to be allowed to stay in a car. Get compassion and treatment from a professional, not a ride-share driver.


Sorry. Not a fan of people in public that have to be always reaching for food or carrying some kind of container of a drink. Can’t you eat or drink at home?


You did wrong so he had every right to kick you out with no refund.

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