He accepted the ride at 6:10 and cancelled at 6:20!! But still charged my card 5.75!!

This is unacceptable!!!! My son was late for work!

U had to get off my job to take him to work. Why was I charged??????!!!!

User's recommendation: Watch out for these drivers saying that the driver cancelled but they did and still getting the money for a ride they didn't do.

Location: Montgomery, Alabama

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After spending 30 minutes trying to sign in to my account, including several attempts to set a new password I am coming to this location because it appears Uber responds here. I did sign into my account and was told the issue I wanted help with was past the 30 days time-frame.

To my amazement how can that be the 'blanket' response to correcting problems when Uber created the mistake. After reading a related problems on FB I am wondering if Uber has a duplicitous (scamming) way of extracting extra money from unsuspecting customers. I was at the airport on 3-16-22, ordered an Uber; waited and then after the person did not arrive in the allotted time I saw a message from Uber stating that the driver (the name) had to cancel or could not make it; and then for me to select another ride. I went to the ride page and it automatically went to the list of selections.

I made a new selection, the driver arrived, happy customer. Sometime later I noticed after reviewing my account statements that i had been charged $5.50 for a cancelled trip, that I did not cancel. Uber did!!! This is True !!!!

Now that i am as of this day (4-17-22), 1 day past the 30 days and (did not know there was a time limit) wanting to correct this problem I am told i cannot. Uber gets paid for it's mistake. There is something very wrong with that policy. How can Uber keep money under these circumstances?

Now that I see that this has happened to another person (maybe more) I wonder how much money Uber is making from this same practice. It appears fraudulent and a way to possibly get $. If Uber is not even open to correcting problems because of a time-frame, what does that say about a company I beleive I no longer want to provide patronage too. I stopped using Uber a few years ago for another probelm that took to long to resolve.

And for $5.50 I will happily do so again, forever. Uber no need to contact me to PM or DM.

I am over 70 and don't even speak the language. I am certainly frustrated and annoyed and will see if I can resolve this matter with my credit card company and other regulating bodies, on the practice of you collecting money that you have been erroneous about.

@Kelvin Apg

It appears my name was deliberately changed for this post.

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