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I had gotten an Uber due to the fact that I had to get off the 4 train due to a seizure a passenger had. I got the Uber and it was 53 dollars.

I then wait 10 plus mins for the Uber. When the driver arrived and I got in the car he confirmed my address and when canceled it and tells me that I need to get out. And then tells me over and over that he cant do anything and I need to leave. And then I had to order another Uber that was 20 dollars extra because he purposely canceled it.

I dont know if he did it because it is rush hour and he wants to make more money. But I would like to get 20 dollars refund because I do not believe it is fair. I just got off work and left early do to me being in pain and the mishap with the train. I couldnt afford the 50 I was going to spend.

The reason I chose Uber was because it was cheaper than Lyft at the moment. Please I would like a refund. Thank you.

And have a good day. (My number is 929360****)

Location: New York, NY 10035

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