On May 23, 2021, I scheduled and Uber for pickup at 5:30am on May 24, 2021. I was connected to a driver, (Charmon) around 5:10am with a 30 minute wait time, which was ok.

Once the minutes dwindled down to when the driver was a few minutes away, I texted/called driver to let him know that I was on Galveston Street off South Capitol Street near the bottom of the hill. No response from driver. Called 2nd time.

For about the last 2 months or so, the Uber GPS has been taking drivers up Martin Luther King Street to Galveston Street but Galveston Street is a one way street off South Capitol Street going up to Martin Luther King.

The driver seemed to get an attitude when I called him to let him know he was on MLK & Chesapeake Street and he needed to get back on South Capitol Street to Galveston Street. He hung upon on me twice then canceled the trip, he was just a few minutes from me.

Uber then connected me to another driver which I had to wait another 23 minutes before the driver arrived.

I have been using Uber for the past year since the pandemic hit and a valued Uber rider, I should not have been treated in this manner.

I was only trying to help the driver get to me so that I could get to work. The driver was very unprofessional, rude and with an attitude.

Driver: Charmon Jeep Cherokee 7EJ40000

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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