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Hello, I have been taking Uber to/from work for over a month now. Yesterday, 4/27/21 around 3:15 p.m.

I put in for a car. A driver, driving a red Toyota Camry took the ride and when she arrived, she went to the wrong address. I texted her asking "where are you", she never responded. I called her, she never picked up.

So, I went walking looking for her. I found her in the driveway of a building next to ours, and she was just sitting there. I checked the license plate to make sure it was the correct car, and it was. I approached the car, and went to the rear door to open it and get in, I was just about to touch the door handle, when she took off like a bat out of *** She didn't even stop to see if there was oncoming traffic, two cars honked at her because they almost hit her.

This caused me to be late for my appointment, not to mention, that it is crazy behavior and dangerous to me, her, and other drivers. I have never had any dealings with any driver as I did yesterday. The driver I had afterwards was absolutely lovely! Thank goodness!

I went to the Uber app to see if I could get this message to you in some way about that person, but unfortunately, I think I did something to screw up my payment to the lovely driver I had afterwards. Please, I do not want a refund of that ride. He was very pleasant and a joy to ride with. I just want you to know that the person I had before him was very unstable, and behaved in a very dangerous manner.

Ironically, her profile states she's a top driver. I would vehemently disagree.

She's nuts and dangerous. Thank you.

User's recommendation: Be cautious out there with the drivers. Most are great. Every now and then, you may get a nutter!

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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I'll take you're leaving something out for $300.00 Alex.

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