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My wife received a $25 e-gift card for Uber Eats from a friend. We did not have an existing Uber Account, so I downloaded the Uber Eats app from Google Play, registered, and uploaded the gift card (with some difficulties, because the instructions were inaccurate).

Later that day, I created an order for which the total (with taxes and Uber fees) was less than the $25 amount. However, there was no way in the app to apply the gift card credit, even though the credit showed in my account. Subsequently, I downloaded the main Uber app, which I learned also allowed ordering food. Again, the credit showed up in my account, but the app would not allow me to apply it to the order.

I contacted Uber through the Help section of the app, which involved some difficulty, because they required a screenshot of the transaction, even though the transaction could not be completed. When they ignored my communications lacking the screenshot attachment, I was forced to create and attach a jpeg image explaining the problem. In subsequent communications, they seemed to be reluctant to provide a direct answer, but it was implied that the app required me to provide further credit information (e.g., a credit card number) and then the gift card credit could be applied.

Given that the risk for my credit card information to be stolen increases with the number of companies who have it, I have no wish to provide my credit card number to Uber (or any other company) if I do not anticipate needing to use it. In my communications with Uber, I expressed that it seems unethical and perhaps illegal for them to require me to provide my credit information to them in order that they provide a service for which they already have been compensated.

I also proposed possible measures they may take that would address my concerns, including either refunding the money to the person who purchased the gift card, providing the money directly to us, or updating their app so that it would allow me to apply the credit.

I also indicated that I was open to hearing any alternative solution they may suggest. However, I have received no further communications from them after that.

User's recommendation: AVOID GIFT CARDS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Uber Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Either refund the money to the person who purchased the gift card, provide the money directly to us, or update their app ASAP so that it will allow me to apply the credit.

Uber Cons: Will not allow use of gift card credit.

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