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I need someone to call me not text or email.

First it is utterly ridiculous that You can only contact this company via email as the number never seem to work. Its also just stupid that email is the only form of communication when when the person electronics have been misplaced and the whole point of reaching out is because you need to get them returned.

My sister left her phone in an UBER and has been making contact with the driver who keeps telling her he will return her phone to her for the past three days ( although he has been in the vicinity of her numerous times) he has given her an address to his home but always state the times are not accessible.

He said he would drop it off early this am and still nothing. When asked he just say oh I dont know when. At this point my phone has been kidnapped and being held hostage. I need support and you gives are offering NONE!

you say charge $15 thats fine but why when the person is playing games with you and just refusing to return the property.

I am totally is disgusted with UBER AND ITS DRIVERS AT THIS POINT! I am going to call the POLICE and hope they offer support as an option because again there is none here!

User's recommendation: Go LYFT.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: My sisters property .

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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No one cares... Walk


Interesting i hope you never lose something. Because if someone with your attitude finds it welp I guess you lucked out. but i mean who cares right....


Losing things is not an issue.The issue is expecting people to bend over backwards to return your items when they have more important things to do.


Here we go again, someone left something in the car and the owner or family blaming the driver rather than the person who was careless.


No , I don’t blame the driver for her leaving it. I blame the driver for agreeing to return to item and given her the run a round about it. I blame the driver for making arrangements and not being there when she gets there!


If the driver is busy with other passengers he does not have to make arrangements. Maybe your parents need to take away your sister's phone until she is older and more mature.




You have to keep in mind that both the sisters are under the age of 13. They do not know any better. If they are over 13 and act this say, their parents obviously did a poor job of raising them since both of these "adults" turned out immature.

@Mario Rit

Who says they are under 13?


They are acting like they are under 13 by not accepting responsibility. If they are over 13 then that is sad because they should know better.


I don't think they are blaming the driver for them having the phone. They are blaming because they have had contact with them and driver isnt holding their end of the bargain.


That is if they are telling the truth. The driver has to work.

He has other passengers. These little girls need to grow up.

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