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The driver repeatedly suggested at the start of the ride that I move up front with him. When I ignored this he said it again and again, up to 4 times before I said I was fine where I was.

We had a good conversation going for a while which did concern some illicit topics, I volunteered information regarding my recreational activities and he apparently saw this is a free pass to try soliciting me for sex acts or "show and tell" as if I had told him I were a *** Even after I told him I have never performed any sex act for money or any other form of currency he continued to reiterate that he had cash he was willing to give me for some sort of sexual related encounter, i.e. and these are direct quotes "so we've established that you won't *** for money that's totally cool" and "we don't have to touch each other", (I wouldn't have touched this *** with anything other than a saudering iron to brand him as the creeper he is) and my favorite was right before the ride ended "so just to be clear you're not interested in show and tell, right?" And there was still more... finally as I went to gather my stuff and leave the vehicle, he remarked on how it was too bad there were so many people around...the fact that he still said this to me despite my having already told him repeatedly that he was not getting or seeing anything like that from me made this comment the most bothersome of all even though it was hardly the most explicit as the inappropriate part was implied (heavily and unmistakably). It was all just so offensive.

What if I had been in an inebriated state in which he thought I might not remember the occurences in that vehicle? I wouldn't trust him with the safety of any woman under the influence, and i feel strongly that he may have tried something, at the very least some kind of "accidental" touching if I had agreed to sit up front with him. This man should be banned from ridesharing and forced to take sensitivity training. He has some serious lack of boundaries going on and I can't believe he's not been reported before.

If he has, please take it seriously because I promise you they weren't lying. These incidents are rarely ever isolated and I'd bet money he is a serial spouter of inappropriate commentary whenever he drives a young woman anywhere and senses she might "party." He clearly sees women with drug problems as easy targets for solicitation which is beyond reprehensible, it's disgusting. Just because someone uses drugs doesn't mean they deserve to be treated like an assumed *** and have their problem taken advantage of by someone with a few bucks in his pocket.

*** This is the kind of guy who dates 15 year old girls when he's in his mid thirties and tells them how mature they are for their age. Get him off this app please, you owe it to your customers to keep them safe from losers like him.

User's recommendation: Stay safe.

Location: Pinellas Park, Florida

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