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I use Ride Choice in Arizona as I no longer can drive. For the last couple of months when I call Ride Choice and they get an Uber driver, about 90% of the time the driver's will cancel at the last minute leaving me standing outside for up to 2hrs.

This weekend I was at a Walmart and after over an hour and a half with still no driver to pick me up because because they cancel even though I am standing outside a nice lady asked me if I needed a ride. Yesterday, I had the same issue again where I ended up waiting about 2hrs only to finally find out they did not have the correct address. I am supposed to get a text but for the last month or so, I don't get any. I was given a couple of numbers to call to text Start which after a few days I got a text about SMS from Uber is now enabled.

It still doesn't work. This is the only way I know who is coming and I can call. These drivers 99% of the time wait only about a minute and leave because if they cancel even though I am outside they still get paid by Ride Choice and they have no way to police these drivers. I have been using them since December and even when I was able to get a text I could not call them.

I am not a young person and have a lot of health issues including balance issues. In all the time I've been using these Uber drivers, I have only had I think 2 of them call for directions or to find out where I am. I always am outside and with Arizona heat coming up I don't want to sit or stand outside in this heat. I have exhausted everything - what is wrong with these drivers that they can't call once they are there.

The issue is not with the Ride Choice but these idiots that seem to think they can cancel at the last minute and still get paid. If I had their names I would file a complaint if I knew who to complain to at Uber. I called the following numbers to Uber to see about re-instating my service to get text - 425-310-**** and 415-237-**** and then I type in Start. I have had my phone to Verizon and have no issues with my phone.

They added the APP for Uber but that's for people who pay full price and I'd be willing to bet that if I was someone who paid full price they'd call me when they got there. Can you help?

User's recommendation: Either use a different company or keep away from Uber if you are someone with disabilities who can no longer drive.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Uber Cons: Really terrible drivers in arizona due to multiple issues, Horrible service - multiple cancelling and no text sent.

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