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So you have to put A credit card. On file in order to call for a ride.

And so you do this. Months before and forget that they still have the number when you called for another ride. It was a short ride and the driver was pretty nice so I decided to ask if I can pay in cash. He said sure that's no problem.

And I paid him $8.15 for the ride plus another $8 for a tip. And then two days later, my credit card gets charged $8.15not a hold but an actual charge, But you can't talk to anyone because there's no phone number. And every explanation is that is a bank hold it's a bank hold That's not a bank hold. they took the money.

I can't call them.

I can't talk to anyone because They don't really want to solve your problems! problem..

User's recommendation: Call Lyft or just drive your damn self!

Location: Springtown, Texas

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