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My daughter has been using Uber for almost four months now as out only vehicle has been in a shop. She called for an Uber yesterday (Wednesday, Jan.

12, 2022) to get home form school. The driver came. She got in and he asked her is she was 18. She replied with a no.

He then asked how old she was she replied, 17. He then said, Oh no.. you have to get out. What???

Excuse me??? And then yall still charged her she should not be charged ANY amount of money. She was there and in the vehicle and then the driver decide at that point he wasnt gonna take her.

She did get out and then called for another Uber. This driver came picked her up and took her home.

No questions no putting her out. So chewing for the second one $15 and some change yes but charging her even $7 something for the change is not acceptable. I would appreciate if a real human being can call me back to try and explain this to me because I dont see any way you can justify that.

Only resolution I can go with is the refunding of the money they (Driver and Uber) stole from her I dont care the amount. It could be a $1 no services were rendered and she did not cancel she was not drunk or belligerent your driver kicked her out by his choice.

I have attached the receipt showing cancelled but he cancelled it not her.

I dont appreciate her being stranded. She has never had this happen.

I look forward to your call.




Monetary Loss: $8.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Uber Pros: Quick convenient ride share.

Uber Cons: Not being able to contact support, Price gouging.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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