On Saturday Nov 13th 2021 I arranged for a ride from Vista Del Rio Retirement Center to 6942 w Olive Ave at around 11am. When nobody showed up because the driver cancelled, I ordered another ride.

Nobody showed again. At that time I had 2 charges on my account one for $38.66 and one for $37.66. Then I received a cancellation fee of $26.00. Neither driver showed up.

I never received any notification to this fact. The 2 charges tapped out my bank account and I had to walk home. I logged a complaint for the $38.66 and I have been reimbursed for that amount. Although, the second ride I arranged does not show on the Uber app account for myself so I could not file a complaint for it.

If you look at the charges Uber charged to my bank account there is still the $37.66 charged against it. They were unable to charge me the cancellation fee because I was out of money. It clearly read on the receipt that driver cancelled. So please make sure I have not been charged for that too.

This has undoubtedly caused me to be distressed beyond belief.

Uber left me in a very difficult situation. These charges should have been corrected on my account immediately. Having to walk home because Uber tapped out my bank account with charges for rides I never received and having congestive heart failure only 10 percent of my heart works; is real pathetic.

Please try to do better. I could have died.

Sharla Oliver


Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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