On January 18, 2021, at approximately 5:14 PM, the driver of an Audi caused an accident while delivering an Uber Eats order. The order number is 4BE34, and the driver is identified by the first name only, "Darnell".

This accident has been captured by surveillance cameras, and not only shows the accident, but also shows the Uber Eats driver, Darnell, stop for a few seconds, then quickly drive an additional fifty yards, park his car at the entrance, nearly cause another accident as the vehicle began to roll as he attempted to exit, having to quickly set the brake. He entered the Holiday Inn Express & Suites property, to deliver the Uber Eats food order to the customer. The witness at the front desk, said the delivery driver say acted as if he was in a hurry to leave, and asked if he could leave the food order next to the door...

Darnell, the Uber Eats delivery driver was involved in causing the accident, though his car was not damaged. He fled the scene, only to be identified minutes later by the hotel's surveillance cameras.

Representatives from the victims of the accident contacted Uber Eats by telephone the following day, and where told by Uber Eats that they would be contacted by email, with further instructions. As of this evening, there has been no return contact via email.

Please contact me regarding this issue.

I look forward to a timely response.

Thank you.


Location: Carlsbad, California

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