Yesterday I had to four different times for a ride.....The first three drivers cancelled the calls after texting me that they were here at 1040 E Washington ...????? Iam here outside so where are my rides.......There were no calls from the first three drivers..I have to use a cane to walk to walk so I was outside looking for them...Why did no one call?????

The fourth driver never called until i text him to call me . He did and i told him i was at the back of the apt. parking lot.When i got in the car he had a wrong destination which was Murray Drive instead of Missiongorge SAntee Target..Totally pissed at the lack of help... one call would of the solved everythuing.....Why did no one call ???

Why didnt they go into apt parking lot ?????On my return trip from Viejas earlier in the week .....

the driver also had a bad destination ?? Why I want a call not a excuse3

Location: El Cajon, California

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