Well when I attempted to log in to get some deliveries done the app wouldnt allow me. I had no idea as to why not.

I checked my emails to see if I had received an email from Uber explaining that I wouldnt be able to login along with what Id need to do in order to get logged in along with a phone number at Uber to be able to contact someone to help with any questions etc. - but there was no such email So youre left with no information on what happened nor how to resolve it. So i searched and searched the web to desperately find an Uber phone number. It took a lot of searching to finally run across a phone number I called &;;;;;;;;;;; I was told that all I most likely needed to do was update my Uber app and how that should resolve the issue and allow me to login.

Well I did that and I was able to login in after doing so.

They couldve sent an email saying that. Instead they just take away your login ability without any explanation and without any info on what to do

Location: Sugar Land, Texas

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