I was picked up by driver he was very nice and very cordial I do not know how to add another destination I had to go pick up the keys for my kitchen manager so I can put the alarm on at my restaurant so I gave him $20 he said yeah not a problem it's all good. So at that point he took me I put the alarm on and then took me back home took about 20 minutes total.

Then I checked my credit card I got charged $44. $18 in waiting time which he never waited more than 45 seconds. And then charge me 13 something for him driving me over there after I gave him the $20 which I don't mind that's fine. The problem I have is a $18 waiting time.

Because he never waited more than a minute and a half total for me walking out of my apartment me going and getting the keys and me going and setting the alarm was a total of maybe a minute and a half. I was under the understanding that him driving me a half mile out of his way total would cover the $20 which I think is more than generous for that I am a manager and a bartender and I like to spread the wealth if you will.

I feel that he totally took advantage God is extra $18 waiting time took my $20 and then I tipped him five dollars on top of that. so I would like something to be done about it

Location: Chandler, Arizona

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