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Our driver showed up and waited for possibly 30 seconds, and his truck smelled like an ashtray. My wife and I were going to a wedding, so we didnt want to make her dress and my suit smell like cigarettes so I politely notified him that we would find another ride and I tipped him cash for coming out and we are still being charged for it.

My question is how an Uber driver is allowed to smoke in his car and Uber thinks its okay to provide that as a transportation service. There is a standard to transportation and I would think that Uber, being such a respectable conglomerate will allow this type of thing to happen, and then charge me because I dont want my wife and I to be crammed in a wedding ceremony reeking of cigarettes. Im just absolutely blown away by this and if its not resolved Ill make sure that I and my entire circle of family and friends never takes an Uber again. Unreal.

Side noteIm not a Karen and never complain, but this is on another level of poor customer service.

It also took about 45 minutes for me to find an actual avenue for a customer to file a legitimate complaint. I know whoever reads this complaint had nothing to do with the incident, so I apologize in advance to whomever is lucky enough to handle this, but I would be extremely appreciative if this is resolved.

User's recommendation: Absolutely avoid Uber.

Location: Edmond, Oklahoma

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