Well first off back in September or October back when around the when I first started I was getting optional insurance taken off of my check that I never signed up for it hit me for about roughly about 4 or 5 months and it was taking money off every trip did I completed okay and the only reason that I found that it's because I had a promotion one day and I kept unlocking the promotions but I was not receiving the money from the promotions that I was unlocking and I called Uber and explain that to him and they said that I wasn't in the right area for it and I explained to the man that it said Dallas fort Worth area well I was in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and they keep unlocking I just never received the funds for him so that got me to looking into what else is Uber stealing from me cuz they stole them promotions and that's what I seen the optional insurance and that's when I seen how much Uber makes off each one of my trips and I just can't allow that to happen I won't allow that to happen now if y'all want to know getting an agreement on a number that we both agree on I'm more than happy to sit down and go through that but as of right now I'm not picking up another finger for you guys nor driving not one mile for you guys not even a tenth of a mile for you guys until my money's place back on my account or my wallet now I'm starting with lyft today here in about the next 25-30 minutes now this is what I want I want the owner of this company Uber to get off his shoulders and give me a call because y'all owe me some thousands of dollars behind this noise no on a $86 trip Uber made $50.01 I made $36 how is that justifiable? Uber is charging the customers a booking and a service Uber's not doing the service I am I'm really I should get to two charges to me not Uber because it's me and then it's my car if I don't pay my car my car don't roll and I ain't never one time had y'all offered to help me with nothing not no maintenance not no tires and I was on the phone with Uber one day when I had a flat tire only thing they told me is have a good day hung up on me so yeah I mean I want the owner of the company to call me today because as soon as I start today with Lyft I'm deleting this app and I'm throwing this phone out the window like literally I'm chunking it out on the highway and with all that being said you have a blessed day .

And another thing is since I have been calling every day just about to try to talk to somebody about this situation I have yet to talk to any person with any sense that is in the United States of America they're all from Philippines Korea Korean wherever they want to say they're from I can't get their real name nor their last name but I give them my first last and date of birth and my phone number and my email but I can't get a first and last name I get a made up nickname that's not fair they do that because they're scared of the retaliation of what they're doing to people they know they're screwing people over that's why they they hide their identity I've been trying to talk to somebody that's got some control over over pay my app Uber in itself manager owner and everybody gives me the runaround pass me around passing around pass me around passing around and hang up on me.

User's recommendation: If you got a brain on your shoulders don't mess with Uber they are scandalous they're crooks and they still and it gouge your eyeballs out and it overpriced you go with anybody but Uber or anybody that partners with Uber.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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