All started at 12:30 when I was drop off I couldnt find a customer service number to call and kept directing me to the driver and the driver wouldnt answer because he is not allowed to talk while driving and when he finally answered he was already to far and he told me I be back in (12:40) 10 minutes that turned into an hour(1:45) I called again and he said he was outside I check and nothing I called him then he changed it he said he was on his way that he will be back in 10(2:30)minutes didnt show up I called him again he said he was working and I should I call him the next day at 3 on the afternoon I was so tired of waiting for two hours of waiting I. Allied him and told him if he was to comeback and drop the phone I was going to tip him he said ok I am on my way I gave him a phone number to call and the address again just in case if he didnt know the address well he show up around 4 to drop the phone i know I guess I was not as important knowing that I was going to get charged if he was to comeback and I was still going to tip him luckily I got my phone back after hours later and Uber app doesnt help at all because there is no one to talk but the driver they should have a customer service to call not only the driver because the driver will do whatever he wants

User's recommendation: Double check for the belongings.

Location: Greenwood, Indiana

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