We booked an Uber a day in advance for a 6 AM pickup at our house going to JFK. I took the requested photo showing I was wearing a mask.

The app told me the driver was two minutes away and then, at either 5:59 or 6:00 AM, I received a cancellation notice with no explanation. Later, Uber sent me something indicating the reason for the cancellation was that the driver saw I was not wearing a mask, which is impossible since I was wearing a mask and the car never pulled up to my house to see whether I was or wasnt (and I sent a photo with me wearing a mask). My wife and I were panicked and immediately booked another Uber and was told the car was 6 minutes away. We watched the clock countdown to zero minutes and only then received a message that there was no car available.

We barely caught our plane by getting a Lyft car.

A morning filled with anxiety, the avoidance of which was our reason for pre-planning the trip.

On our trip six days later from the airport to our home, we were charged for waiting time even though when we happened to find the car, the Uber App said the driver was still one minute away. I also think that the estimated fare should include the significant (non-waiting time) fees charged after the fact but which we had no notice when we booked the trip.

All in all, horrendous service!

User's recommendation: What’s the point of pre-planning an Uber trip if the driver can cancel at the last second without consequence?

Location: Baldwin, New York

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