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I have been using Uber for several months &;;;;;;managed to reach Platinum level..close to Diamond. After an app update I started getting an error saying my payment methods weren't valid & I went through the back and forth protocol of reading them and re-downloading the app etc.

After nothing worked I realized I could just buy Uber gift cards through Bitpay using bitcoin & so I continued to do this for a while until this last update , for whatever reason, this stopped working. Im not sure if it was the updates making a difference. I just can't imagine anything else being the cause because I hadn't done anything different. One night I attempted to take a ride and got the same error so I setup a PayPal account & connected that it didn't work so I tried adding cash to Uber because I had never tried that & the app said I sucessfully added $50 Uber cash but it still was not letting me request a ride & even more strange I noticed that the money had not been deducted from my PayPal.

I waited a little while and tried again & then it started saying I owed $50 to Uber!! So I messaged support & they said they were passing my case on to a special team & an hour later my account was banned & logged me out. I messaged Uber & got no response after waiting for 48 hours. So I made another account to use (added $100 to that one)& messaged them from that one & they said I needed to pay the negative balance on the other & then combine my accounts etc.

I messaged them back in extensive detail and described the issue in full. Then another agent took over and messaged me back and said they were keeping my account locked and that they will contact me IF they decide to remove the ban. Then, irritated, I message them describing a recent situation I had for which I got zero help. Then I gave up and said if you aren't giving my account back I want ALL the money I had put on my account via gift cards/ Uber cash which was a total of $160 between both accounts & have yet to get a response.

Here are the messages between support and myself:

Uber bs

This Didn'T Solve My Problem: I just signed up & applied the $100 Gift card that I purchased with bitcoin through the Bitpay app. & then it kept asking me to add more payment methods. I added my Venmo & my debit card ..home many more payment methods do I need? I should be able to just take a ride at least using my uber cash & 1 backup method correct?


Hi Nicholas,

Sorry for the confusion here, Im happy to help with this.

After reviewing your account, I can see its been temporarily restricted.

There are multiple active accounts linked to your profile. The account with the email ending in tr*****@tu**nota.com has an outstanding balance.

To continue using Uber, youll need to settle this outstanding balance. Wed also recommend merging your accounts into one primary account. For our team to start on this process, please confirm:

- The last 4 digits of the card youd like to charge the outstanding balance to

- The email address you want to use

- The phone number youd like on the account

Once youve replied with this information and cleared the arrears, well merge any duplicate accounts and youll have one primary account.


Let me explain that balance.

About a week ago I sent the following message to support and never got a response. I had saved it so Im copying /pasting it here for you to see So on April 28th. Uber eats was not allowing me to pay using the $60 in Uber cash I had on my account. It kept asking me to add a payment method so I linked my PayPal account because none of my cards were being accepted either .That didnt work.

So I attempted to add Uber cash using my PayPal & it successfully added $50 to my cash balance BUT it didnt not deduct the amount from my PayPal. Which was obv some sort of system error. It asked me to then pay an outstanding balance of $50 so I attempted to pay that balance using the money it thought it had deducted from my PayPal & that didnt work either. So I removed most of my cards and attempted to re add them and that wouldnt work either.

I am a platinum tier 2 member & have been a loyal and consistent customer for months and months & in that time I have had more issues than I can count with system errors either locking me out of my account or the app failing usually resulting in days later being reactivated and compensated $5. Not to mention if you look at my history the long list of driver issues I have had and scenarios where I was overcharged or scenarios where I left an item in the car (wallet full of cash, iPad Pro) never returned to me & one instance where the driver driving was using someone elses uber account to drive & was never resolved after countless attempts to reach out to Uber. And to have the previous rep I messaged yesterday to respond to my inquiry that I didnt explain in nearly as much detail as I just did & have Him message me back saying he wont be able to reactivate my account is completely ridiculous. My account wasnt even deactivated to begin with !

I filed a complaint about the Uber system having issues! So now on top of all this my entire Uber Cash balance is also gone & that balance was applied using GIFT CARDS that I purchased using Bitcoin through GYFT.


Like it did not start saying you need to settle a $50 debt etc until after the account was credited $50 from my PayPal. And obv thats a system error because why would I owe money if I added $50 & already had a $60 Uber cash balance?

Because Im sure if you go back you wont see a $50 ride that wasnt paid for


Hi Nicholas,

To continue using Uber, youll need to settle this outstanding balance. Wed also recommend merging your accounts into one primary account.

For our team to start on this process, please confirm:

- The last 4 digits of the card youd like to charge the outstanding balance to

- The email address you want to use

- The phone number youd like on the account

Once youve replied with this information and cleared the arrears, well merge any duplicate accounts and youll have one primary account.

You guys dont seem to be understanding


Okay so you can go ahead and pay the owed balance of $50 on my account with the number 762400**** using the card on this account. I am fine with merging the 2 accounts BUT. And I cant stress enough how important this part is : I need the 762400**** account to be my primary account because I am a platinum level & it took me months of rides to earn that status. I also have $60 in Uber cash on that account & $100 in Uber cash on this account I want combined.

I want to keep the email TREYWAY@***.com & the phone number from the other account which is 762400****. Thank you

So to be clear here are the final details that should be reflecting on what my account winds up being Email: treyway@***.com Phone: 470-510-**** (my new #) Name: Nicholas Weston Platinum Level (from acct with phone number 762400****) Uber Cash Balance : $160.00 ($60 already remaining on the other acct + $100 Uber Cash on this account) Thank you


Hello Nicholas,

We are passing your message along to a specialized team that is trained to help with this type of inquiry. An Uber representative will follow up with you as soon as possible.

We may require additional information to help assist you, but we will never ask for the password or verification code associated with your account. You should never share this information with anyone.

In order to help us resolve this quickly, please do not submit additional inquiries about this issue.

Thanks for your patience as we work to resolve this for you.


Thanks for reaching out, Nicholas.

Your account has been suspended for the activity that violates our Terms and Conditions and will be unavailable for you to use until further notice. We will let you know if we will consider lifting the suspension.

We appreciate your understanding.


Like what?!!? I have never had a single issue with Uber on my end ever. But on Ubers end I have had countless issues since I signed up.

If you look back at the history on my account youll notice how many times I have had to contact support regarding something whether it be technical issues with the App, issues with the delivery partners or constant security flags causing my account to get locked. This issue is another instance of the inconsistency in Ubers customer support because there will be handful of different agents dealing with an issue ...picking up where the previous agent left off.

Saying I violated terms & conditions & not even providing me with a specific reason is not right . Go in a take a look at my primary account with the phone number 762400**** on it & youll see where I attempted to load $50 onto my account using PayPal because the app was refusing ALL my payment methods. Uber showed that it pulled $50 from my PayPal on the Uber end BUT my PayPal wasnt reflecting this yet uber was showing the newly added $59 in my Uber cash balance.

I can provide screenshots of all of this because I noticed it happening as it was. So based off what I just explained it is clear that this violation of terms is due to an issue with the Uber system (go figure ) & the rushed analysis of the account because there is no way you would even be able to determine that only knowing the partial DETAILS. I spent months paying for rides and food & earning Platinum level membership etc & apparently VIP or priority support & with a little attention to detail was able to lay out what the issue was/is.

Here is a documented issue that is in my history that UBER never addressed whatsoever. In December I took a ride with a woman & accidentally left my wallet in the backseat with $400 in it.

The person driving the car was NOT even the person registered to that app. It was someone completely different. I reached out to Uber & they did NOTHING. Days went by and I was lucky to get their real phone number because I identified a security flaw in Ubers anonymisation system : Twilio.

So I was able to contact the driver directly on their personal phone & in turn find out their identity. With that info I was able to determine that the driver who picked me up with the sister or the male driver who was registered as the driver of that account. She was being allowed to use the account & drive because she has an extensive felony criminal history including : possession of a controlled substance & residential burglary! Oh well that explains why they stopped responding to me after calling them at different numbers I had from vetting them : $750 Christian Louboutin Wallet, $400 cash, Amex, Debit Card, ID, etc.

never a word back from Uber. Go ahead look at the history on my account and see for yourself.

So how is that not a self violation of Ubers terms of service internally? Or does support pick and choose what complaint tickets they want to respond to based on how much effort they will have to exert in order to get to the bottom of a customer complaint?

User's recommendation: Dont add more cash at a time than you plan on using right away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uber Mobile Application.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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Damn! Bogus AF!


Report your issue to cyberianx on telegram for resolution


Omg !! Almost dead on to what I'm dealing with right now with uber.

I'm on the same level as you are as a ride I use Uber pretty much everyday over 1100 rides, to wake up to a charge of $92 so I seek help from the so call supposed support team I provided all the info the asked and a screen shot just to get a response from Uber saying my account is suspended due to me violating the terms and conditions. .I'm beyond irritated that the company is allowed to rip people off

@Coco Mii


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