I really dont know if Im going to be attended this time or if it is going to continue to be the same joke that I present my issue and the person tells me I will receive the answer by text or be called and that never happend.

My issue I think would be easy in the hands of a person wish really would like to help me.

Quick history. When pandemic I had no job I tried to go back to do Uber but my account was block when I contact customer support more than one time they explained me somebody try to use my account and open several time unsuccessfully and because that reason I was blocked and it is something uber cant do anything about it.

I tried to contact supervisors etcetera and nobody help me and I really give up. Now that I wanted to start do uber again I have speak with customer service representative and they all promise me that they put a claim on the system and I will receive the answer and nothing. Last week i did a visit to the local office and the guys told me I would be called on Wednesday with the answer, he also told that none of those representatives did the correct thing that might be file a identity theft and after the investigation my account would be active again but as I said at the beginning everybody is playing games with me. No answer one again.

Yesterday I called customer support explaining them that I supposed to be called on Wednesday if they can reach put for me and it end it up on file once again a identity theft and wait one again for the answer that never come.

I dont understand first place why I have to be punished for something that is not my fault that uber had a glitch on the system were a person can do activities in a registered account and the owner of the account is the person that need to punished.

I really wanted this time a person addressing this situation seriously.

My phone number is (786) 474-**** Juan Gonzalez.

My email is this one all the time jaglez82@***.es not the one the guy in the office told me. I hope this time is the end of this nightmare because this time I will not give up for people they are not doing their job and affecting other people jobs.

Thank you and really Apologize for the way I wrote but it says Im a really pissed customer and with the right to be pissed.

Juan Gonzalez

Location: Miami, Florida

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