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Hello years ago I was deactivated because of a policy that was broken with y'all I was calling in to see if I was able to work with Uber again under the platform but I was told no I was still banned from using your app still but I was told that y'all have forgave a lot of drivers through the years and allow them to came back on your platform and I kind of seen that it wasn't fair for me to be dis activated over a crazy reason I'm fine with the decisions that y'all made but at the same time it's a lot of people that suffering in this country and need some work out there and I don't understand why y'all being so cruel to people I really don't know why innocent drivers not allowed to have second chances second cha chances

Location: Orlando, Florida

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Pro Tip: NO ONE will take a fool who uses "y'all" in a written communication seriously. The fact that you did it a few times, turning your banal post into a drinking game makes you the idiot of the day.

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