I ordered a ride waited outside late at night in the cold for 15 mins than I get a text my ride was cancelled! So I ordered a lyft than i get an email im being charged $5 for cancelation fee when it was them that canceled on me.

It took several hrs to just get the right department before I got a reply and they said I can appeal my cancelation fee n theyll look at it. I got an email few mins later that they would credit my account it will appear in 2 hrs. Well guess what? They dont credit your credit card back, they leave a credit balance on their account and they'll deduct from next ride.

Well I dont want to do business with a shady company that forces me to use my $5 on their ride instead of credit my credit card in the manner that they charged the fee!!! They wanna cancel rides on customers and charge us than keep our money. I called my bank n told them they're ripping me off n I want the credit back.

Uber makes it *** to get ahold of the right department n dont want to credit ur card...it was hellish! NEVER AGAIN UBER YOU SUCK BIG TIME N I LUV LYFT!!!!

User's recommendation: Use lyft...uber are thief's!!!

Location: Chula Vista, California

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