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My daughter was on her way to follow up appointment..wanted to stop at Starbucks the girl said she'd only wait 5 minutes or she would leavey daughter..then she proceeded to drop my daughter off said Starbucks was right there it was 2 miles she made my daughter get out an walk that was just out of surgery..Im extremely upset if my daughter is further injured because your driver made her walk to much for having surgery I will sue your company an that driver!! SHE PUT MY DAUGHTER AT RISK !!! AN SHE KNEW IT I DEMAND SOMETHING BE DONE IF NOT FIRED I WILL GO ON SOCIAL MEDIA AN TELL EVERYONE WHAT YOU GUYS DID

User's recommendation: Don't use Uber.

Preferred solution: I want my daughter $ refunded an that girl fired.

Uber Cons: Rude and un professional.

Location: San Diego, California

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Your daughter had no business needing to stop for Starbucks. If it really was a two mile walk your daughter is not very smart if she got out of the car.


You need to lose your parenting rights for allowing your underaged daughter use Lyft alone. You need to be charged with neglect.

But the fact that you want to sue shows that you care more about money than your daughter. Shame on you. Why not take your daughter yourself.

I hope you do put this on social media, and CPS sees this and takes your daughter from you and you are charged with neglect. She cannot wait forever for your daughter.

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