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I requested an Uber 2 times and I had to cancel. I assumed that there was a mistake the 1st time.

You see I needed to get somewhere at an exact time and when I asked for an Uber it showed that it would take the Uber around 5 minutes to get to my pick up address. I would get to my destination at the perfect time... once I selected confirm it showed that the driver was 20 minutes away! Since I was on my way to The Peabody Hotel in Memphis to watch the red carpet marching of the ducks (which only lasts less then 5 minutes) I would have completely missed the event and it would have been pointless to go.

When I made the 1st ride request I assumed that there was a mistake and tried again... this time the Uber app showed that a driver was 8 minutes away... and it turned out that once again when I confirmed trip he was in fact 18 minutes away. I would have NEVER requested/confirmed the trips in the 1st place if the time was truthful and correct.

I should not be charged cancellation fees since your app provided me with false incorrect information. The reason that I visited Memphis was to see this event for Valentine's Day wknd.-Joanna


User's recommendation: Awful.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Uber Cons: False time of trip information.

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Absolutely no one cares why you wanted a ride. Losers love to pad their complaints with useless factoids that have nothing to do with anything.

Listen, if this thing was so important to you, why didn’t you head out early? Why didn’t you understand(per the terms YOU agreed to) that there are no guarantees? This is your fault. You know it hence the Drama 101 pad out.

Deal with it... Ok say it..

People like you always do. “You must work for (insert company).”

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